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Welcome to Tampa Auto Shipping, we hope you find the information provided useful in your quest for auto shipping services in Florida. We started back in 2007 and have been helping customers, dealers, & insurance companies navigate the tricky roads of auto shipping.

When auto shipping is handled properly it’s a very simple industry to maneuver through. Usually, customers go with the cheapest rate they receive online which usually is a major mistake. The industry is full of shady companies that don’t last very long and because of this, we’ve flourished. If you get past this obstacle(the low-quote obstacle, that is)! it’s a downhill race from there. I’ll touch more on that towards the bottom and on another page here.

Tampa to Florida

So let’s discuss Tampa to Florida Auto Shipping, shall we? The major cities like Orlando, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale & Miami are the most popular. Mainly because they’re more people, but there are also more dealerships, car auctions, and other businesses that drive up auto shipping needs. So auto shipping to these areas is pretty straightforward. Because of the high demand, the drivers are usually ready to make pickup within 24 hours and delivery is about the same within 24 hours. The auto transport rates will bounce around a little due to fuel but it usually stays around 300$ year round.

The less popular areas like the Florida Keys are a bit challenging because a particular driver might find a full load to get him down there but then not find anything to fill his trailer outbound. Which drives up the cost of your shipping to the Florida Keys. Hopefully, that makes sense

Here are a few examples of previous transports. You’ll see it’s hard to ship anything by price per mile.

Tampa, FL to Davenport, FL 64 miles 350$ 5.46 per mile

Tampa, FL to Miami, FL 283 miles 350$ 1.24 per mile

So as you can see, the cost per mile is based on a few different factors. Also, this is one example. So depending on the time of year, even these same two types of transport could be way different.

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Why am I getting much lower quotes?

Lead services!!! You’re being misled by auto shipping lead service companies. You’ll click their website and receive 10 emails, 10 phone calls, and 10 more this that, and the other. Unknowingly, by the way, They’ll act like a shipper on the webpage, and all of a sudden the calls start. This is a good time to start telling the people on the other end you are driving the vehicle yourself and don’t need their services.

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